Celebrity Buzz: Dreamgirl Has Success With Gastric Bypass and Hunger Games Star Fixes His Nose

MakenzieR on 26 May 2012 at 9:00am

Jennifer Holliday weight loss

Talk about a transformation! Did you recognize Jennifer Holliday on this week's American Idol finale? Known for her Tony-winning role as Effie White in Dreamgirls, the once 400lb singer looked radiant inside and out while belting out her signature song with Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez.

Holliday had some serious lows after the highs of Dreamgirls fame. Though her weight was an asset for the "too fat for TV" role of Effie, it limited the rest of her life. So, she decided to have a gastric bypass. 

“I decided to lose it because I'd tried to commit suicide on my 30th birthday...I blamed everything on my weight because my record company dropped me,” she told Metro Weekly. “Everything was becoming about your image, and my company was like, ‘You are not marketable. You have a great voice and that's it.’

“So the reason why I didn't have love in my life, a boyfriend or anything, was because of my weight. So [my therapists] said, ‘What if you lost weight. Do you think your life would be better?’ And I said, ‘Yes, because I'm growing out of control.’”

Holliday says that in 1990 she was one of the first people to have a gastric bypass. Though other stars have publicly struggled with weight loss surgery, she attributes her success to older techniques. “They do [gastric bypass] differently now, and that's why I think I haven't gained my weight back – you're allowed to eat a lot more with the new surgery.”

Her positive attitude can’t hurt either. “At 50 years old, I have a new lease on life and this time I am going to win,” she says. As far as we can tell, she already has.

In other celebrity news:

  • Barry Manilow plastic surgeryBarry Manilow does not want to be considered "the Joan Rivers of the guys" for plastic surgery. He admits that he's used Botox and had some sort of neck/facelift, but the 68-year-old singer says his rumor-stoking appearance is due to another kind of surgery: "I’ve had this nasty hip problem for the last 10 years. I’ve had three surgeries, the last one four months ago. I didn’t want to limp out on stage at the Grammys and the only way I got any relief was by steroid shots, right into my hips. But then your face blows up and looks odd." [In Your Face]
  • The seemingly forever young Tom Cruise told Playboy: "I haven't [had cosmetic surgery], and I never would." Assuming that's true, we'd sure like to know his skincare secrets!  [USA Today]
  • The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson was spotted with a telltale bandage on his nose, and later tweeted: "just had surgery to fix my broken nose. recovery sucks...thank god for a marathon on lifetime...#theclientlist thanks @thereal_jlh." Maybe he broke it while doing his own HG stunts?  [Yahoo!]
    Josh Hutcherson nose surgery
Photo credits: 1982 Tony Awards/American Idol screenshots; Wikimedia; Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia