What Celebrities Don't Want You to Know About Plastic Surgery

MakenzieR on 19 May 2011 at 12:00pm

Every gossip mag speculates about whether or not celebrities have had plastic surgery. Some stars come right out and admit it, and others are coy. We know that they’re having work done, so how to they keep it so secret when every bit of their lives are scrutinized?

Dr. Grant Stevens is a well-known plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills (and recently voted one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons). He gave us the inside scoop on how even celebs manage to keep this private practice--well--private!

Dr. Grant Stevens celebrity plastic surgeryRealSelf: How do celebrities find their plastic surgeon?
Dr. Stevens: Word of mouth, from other celebs, agents and stylists.

RealSelf: Do they ever ask to look like other celebs?
Dr. Stevens: Rarely…That is except for breasts.

RS: How do you keep the procedures under wraps?
Dr. S: We keep the surgery secret by working hard at it. I ensure complete privacy to the celebs. Some don’t mind being seen, others do.

RS: With the paparazzi at their heels, how come we never see pics of celebs going into a surgeon’s office?
Dr. S: We have pops all around us, but developed a way to keep them from documenting visits. We have underground parking and elevators to bring [them] to the private back door. We operate at night at times, have been known to have decoy cars, and provide security when needed. We have only been penetrated a few times, and none in the last five years

RS: Where do they go to recover?
Dr. S: Many are put up in local hotels with private nurses. Some stay at Serenity aftercare in Santa Monica. All are provided complete service, transportation and privacy.

RS: What’s the weirdest request you’ve had from a celebrity?
Dr. S: Weirdest request was to make super large breasts and lips. I turned her down and she had the surgery elsewhere.

RS: What do you see as the next big or great thing in plastic surgery?
Dr. S: The hottest things include: Fat Grafting of the face, breast and buttocks; Breast Reductions and Lifts; Non-Surgical Body and Facial Contouring;  Nipple and Areola Cosmetic Surgery;  Cellulite Reduction

He also shared that while most are sneaking in the back sporting a hat and dark glasses, a few stars don’t mind the front door, and even sign autographs!

One famous actor and vocalist once sang to our patients in the reception area,” he said. And a rock star “arrived in the front door with his pajamas and slippers.” Keith Richards, maybe?

It’s hard for celebrities to do anything without the flash of camera – vacations, weddings, taking their kids to school – but it sounds like the plastic surgeon’s office is the one place they can keep out of sight. 

nipple surgery before and after

Photo credits: richcd on Morguefile.com; Dr. Grant Stevens