Celeb Roundup: Jacqueline Laurita Loves Ultherapy and Courtney Stodden Claims No Enhancements

A. Foley on 20 Oct 2012 at 9:00am

Another week of news brings another week of silver screen celebs celebrating (and dismissing) their relationship with cosmetic surgery. Jacqueline Laurita of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" has fallen hard for Ultherapy and Courtney Stodden, known for her marriage to 52-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson at the age of 16, set the record straight that she is au naturale. 

Reality star Jacqueline Laurita has nothing but good things to say about Ultherapy on "Good Morning America", and 77% of the RealSelf Community is right along side her. The other 23% on the RealSelf community have cautioned fellow consumers about the pain that comes with the procedure. Laurita credits the two-hour procedure,a noninvasive skin treatment that uses ultrasound to reportedly lift, tone and tighten loose skin, as her newest tool to help turn back the clock. The Housewives star says,"I think that when people age gracefully, the people that age gracefully, it’s because they can. Just for me, if I can fight it, I will."

Courtney Stodden, however, falls far on the other side of the spectrum - going as far as allowing Celebuzz to a consultation with RealSelf's own Dr. Marc Mani to help prove that cosmetic surgery isn't to credit for her looks. The 18-year-old Stodden say, "People are saying everything from I’ve had a nose job, my lips done, cheek implants — everything." Dr. Mani's answer to the question at hand, "I have looked at all the areas which would tell if you have had plastic surgery. It is clear to me, as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, that Courtney has not had any plastic surgery." 

When it comes to waists - some of us have to work for it, some of us opt to pay for it, and for a lucky few all it takes is a little tug of the corset. One such person, Dita Von Teese, who credits her 22-inch waist (16.5 if you pull really tight) to having worn a corset for over 20 years. She also tells the Daily Mail that she isn't ruling out the possibility of cosmetic surgery at some point and would, "probably look into lasers."


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photo credit: Oc Register, celebuzz, daily mail