Celebrity Buzz: It's Plastic Surgery Week on Real Housewives; Susan Sarandon Gets Lipo

Princess 19 on 24 Mar 2012 at 12:00pm

Real Housewives Orange County plastic surgery

If you want an inside look at plastic surgery, tune in to the Real Housewives of...Anywhere.  This week, it's the ladies of Orange County.  These women never stop sharing the myriad of work and contraptions they go through to keep up that OC profile. 

Tamra Real Housewives breast implantsFirst up is Tamra Barney who contemplates removing her breast implants.  (If you are a fan, you already know she's had a reduction after implant #1, but we digress...)  She basically shares with us that her larger implants were due to her ex husband wanting them vs. herself wanting to be that size.  (Oh, Tamra....not a good reason.)

"I had breast implants when I was with Simon, and at that time, I kind of wanted to get rid of them, but was afraid," Tamra laments.

Flashbacks to him saying he did not desire a wife with "mosquito bites."  Classy.

"After everything that I’ve gone through, whatever I do is my decision now. I wanted to get them smaller, and I was kind of influenced not to," she ponders.   "So this time I want to do what I want to do."

As she puts it, "third time is a charm."

Next, we have Alexis Bellino and her rhinoplasty septoplasty

It seems that poor Alexis is not just getting a nose job for cosmetic purposes, she also has an obstructed airway on the left side, according to her surgeon, Dr. Michael Niccole.

"It really hurts my feelings that everyone thinks the surgery is just for cosmetic reasons," says Alexis. "Why would I go through this extensive a surgery just to have the bump taken out of my nose?"

Well, it is the OC...

The procedure is documented from start to finish - including a scene showing a graphic, ahem, mucous something or other that is lovingly lodged in her nostril.  Yummy.

Check out this funny synopsis of Alexis pre and post surgery:

In other celebrity news this week...

Susan Sarandon plastic surgery

  • Susan Sarandon openly admitted that she has had lipo - on her face.  "I've had some lipo under my chin and under my eyes," she said.  She also shared her views on Botox, which she condones with a limit.  "I have these two huge frown lines here (on my forehead). But if you can't move your face or you're unrecognizable, I don't see how that's a productive enhancement. You don't want to look like a female impersonation of yourself."  [People]
  • Elle Macpherson was also vocal this week shutting down rumors that she had implants.  "I'm a 34C, absolutely natural," she insisted.  She also admitted dabbling in Botox as well.  "It didn't really work for me. I tried a bit of everything. You name it, I've tried it. This is as about as natural as you can get." [The Sun]
  • Courtney Cox also jumped on the "let's admit things" bandwagon and divulged that she is a sucker at trying new things to stay younger-looking. "I am an absolute guinea pig for anything that will keep me feeling good," she laughed. "If someone says, 'You should try apple stem cells,” guess who’ll be putting them on her face the next day?  Look, I’m close to 50. Getting older isn’t easy for anybody. Especially here in Los Angeles. So let’s be clear: looking youthful is something I do a lot of research on. Man, I could use some Botox right now." [The Telegraph]

It seems Botox is the topic of the week for celebrity beauty.  Hey, if these ladies tried it, who says it's not all right for Miss Piggy, too?  Apparently, she'll try anything to look younger. "If it works, do it," she told The Daily Mail

Watch Miss Piggy chat Botox with Dr. Sanjay Gupta (the doctor throws in some solid advice, too):

Photo Credits:  Bravo TV; Flickr By rachel.photo