C-Section Tummy Tuck, Lasik, Hydrogel: Must-see Q&A

Sharon at RealSelf on 21 Sep 2010 at 6:42am

As a moderator of Doctor Q&A, I read hundreds of questions every week from the RealSelf Community. In the past week, here are the 10 questions that really got noticed:

1) Tummy Tuck Immediately After C-Section Delivery

2) Lasik and Menopause

3) Can I Get a Professional Facial and Botox Done on the Same Day?

4) Should I Buy Hydrogel Injections Online?

5) Is It Safe to Be Operated on by an 88 Year Old Plastic Surgeon?

6) Can I Lose Weight to Get Smaller Breasts?

7) Confused About Artefill - Permanent or Not?

8) Can Implants "Crush You" and Cause Breathing Problems?

9) Lower Body Lift - Better All at Once or Two Separate Surgeries?

10) Will a Septo-Rhinoplasty Be Covered By Insurance?

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