Buyer Beware: 6 of the Lowest Rated Cosmetic Procedures

K. Mathews on 28 Mar 2012 at 1:00pm

We talk a lot about promising cosmetic procedures with positive reviews, but not all treatments are crowd-pleasers. Whether it's because of the results, price, or pain, there's a group of procedures on RealSelf that the majority says are Not Worth It.

Here are six of the most poorly-reviewed treatments:

1. Portrait - 8% Worth It Rating

Portrait before and after

What it does: Portrait is a skin treatment that utilizes nitrogen-rich plasma in the aim of reversing signs of aging like wrinkles and sun damage.

Why it’s not worth it: “I see maybe 5% improvement in the… target areas,” said Needs a Lil Help. “[It] absolutely was not worth the pain, recovery time, [and] money.”

2. ProFractional Laser - 23% Worth It 

profractional laser before and after

What it does: ProFractional Laser is a laser skin resurfacing treatment design to improve skin coloring, wrinkles, and acne scars.

Why it’s not worth it: Most of the reviewers complain of seeing no results from the laser whatsoever, like Manhattan78951, who says, “I can’t see any improvement with the scarring and my face is now easily irritated with tiny cysts and itchy red marks appear frequently… I would not do this treatment again.”

3. Thread Lift - 26% Worth It

thread lift before and after

What it does: A thread lift is a form of facelift that uses a permanent suture that sews sagging jaw and cheek tissues to the skin and deeper soft tissues. 

Why it’s not worth it: Many readers complain of pain and short-lived results. Be Warned says she went to a great surgeon and had no complications initially, but now “often feels tension in [her] face… [it’s] not even worth it if FREE.”

4. Velashape - 33% Worth It

Velashape before and after

What it does: Velashape is a treatment that uses radiofrequency and infrared light to diminish cellulite.

Why it’s not worth it: “It was extremely painful, and I have a very high pain threshold,” said Lonestargirl. “They warned me that the results would be subtle, but nearly non-existent is something I didn’t expect.”

5. Lipodissolve - 34% Worth It

Lipodissolve before and after

What it does: Lipodissolve is a shot designed to melt away fat in a nonsurgical fashion.

Why it’s not worth it: Patients report seeing more bad physical side effects such as bumps and bruising than good ones. Kktopp says, “It hurt a lot, and a year later I’m all lumpy. I hate it and don’t know how to get rid of the lumps.”

6. Mesotherapy - 37% Worth It

Mesotherapy before and after

What it does: Mesotherapy is an injection that aims to burn away persistent areas of fat.

Why it’s not worth it: Many of the complaints echo those that had Lipodissolve shots. M2U says Mesotherapy “did far more harm than good! I have permanent scarring and discoloration 2 ½ years later.”

If you're wondering why some of these procedures are hyped in Hollywood and by beauty outlets when the reported results are so poor, check out Dr. George Beraka's thoughts on the matter.  

Would you still try something if it had mostly negative online reviews? 

Photo Credits: (teaser) Sascha Preussner/Deposit; Ronald SheltoN, MDJOel L. Cohen, MDDavid Hansen, MD; RealSelf member A.B. Normal; Charles Crutchfield, MD; Skinovative USA.