Botox For Men Is Getting So Popular They're Calling It "Bro-tox"

K. Mathews on 17 Jan 2012 at 1:30am

It’s true, men are having a bromance with Brotox. Bro-tox isn’t any different than typical Botox, but I suppose the terminology helps to add a touch of masculinity to the procedure. And why should Botox be a feminine thing? Men get wrinkles, too, and now, apparently in greater numbers, they’re doing something about it.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports a 10% jump in men having Botox in 2010, with over 300,000 males being injected with the filler. In a lot of cases, it appears to be their wives nudging them in a direction they may be hesitant to take on their own.

“Every year it seems like more and more are getting Botox as gifts,” Dr. Anthony Youn tells ABC News. “And it’s not necessarily the older men.” He adds that Botox brings out a new type of clientele to his offices – manlier men who aren’t the usual type you would find at a plastic surgeon’s.

Recent RealSelf reviews also reflect the Bro-tox trend. Trent8157 reports that, 10 months after the treatment, the effects are holding up and he is “still happy with the results.” Jgm2009 has been a fan of Botox for three years, declaring that it “works miracles on [his] crows feet” And keijoh credits Botox with helping him to “feel better, look better, and just have a better disposition on life.” It may sound goofy to hear a guy sing Botox’s praises, but I think it takes a real man to admit that.

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Photo credit: Nissan Pilest, MD