Tummy Slimmer Works on Cankles

Princess 19 on 13 Jul 2011 at 9:46am

UK surgeons recently noted a visible rise in corrective surgery for cankles. 

Now it seems surgeon-shy folks are finding cankle-fixing success with Nip + Fab's Tummy Fix.  Darn you, Cheryl Cole, for having your fellow citizens so concerned over their ankle size.

The Tummy Fix, which has been marketed to reduce size and tone the tummy region, was recently found to also tackle cankles (the condition where the calf meets the ankle Cheryl Cole has cankleswith no tapered or defined ankle).  According to the UK's Express, the newfound result has caused a 125% increase in product sales.

The active ingredients of caffeine and synephrine (a known weight loss drug) are what's being touted as the remedy.

Since most cellulite creams with caffeine provoke excess water loss, it would seem that they would have some sort of slimming effect to whatever region it is applied.  Wonder when someone will slap this cream on their jiggly arms and tout another "miracle?"  Whatever the case, the approximate $30 cost is a cheaper alternative to liposuction of the ankle, albeit not a permanent solution.

Let the sandal season begin...

Photo credits: charlottehbest on flickr; Cyrusmania.wordpress.com