Did Bristol Palin Get Plastic Surgery?

Princess 19 on 5 May 2011 at 9:00am


In the on-going saga of which celebs have had plastic surgery, today's speculation turns to former VP candidate's daughter/Dancing with the Stars contestant/Levi Johnston's baby mama, Bristol Palin.

The NY Post had a convincing "side by side" comparison of the outspoken abstinence advocate's facial transformation.  When observing the face alone, one would guess weight loss for sure.  But, the compelling argument that it was a chin implant comes from the overall full body comparison.  Palin seems to have lost NO weight.  At an average cost of $4400 (according to RealSelf readers), we think she can shell out the cash (seeing as how she paid cash for her new home) for the new chin - thus, a new slimmer, elongated facial profile.

Hmm…She has a slimmer face and no apparent full body weight loss?  Did she or didn't she?  You be the judge.

Photo Credits:  NY Post