Top 5 "Did She Really Say That?" on Bridalplasty

mellieb on 4 Jan 2011 at 9:05am

We’ve already told you all about Bridalplasty: the elimination-style show where 12 brides-to-be compete for plastic surgery prizes. Or, as E! taglines it, “the only competition where the winner gets cut.”

As host Shanna Moakler explains, the women “compete in challenges that will help transform you closer and closer to the perfect bride,” and the last bride standing will “complete her head-to-toe plastic surgery”.

So now that I’ve seen the show, it’s time to share my Top 5 unbelievable quotes from the competitors.

bridalplasty reality TV has brides to be compete for plastic surgery

1. “If there can be somebody that can come out of the little genie bottle and wave their little wand, and whoosh and, and, and change it, I'd be like, yes!” --Contestant Lisa Marie

2. It's kind of one of the things where if you're having a dream wedding, then obviously you're gonna want a dream body.” -- Contestant Alexandra 4.

3. “I’m here to become the perfect bride for him - he deserves this and more.” -- Contestant Melissa

4. "Your wedding will still go on -- but it may not be perfect.” -- Shanna, to the contestant voted off in the first episode.

5. “Come grab your syringe and go down to the injectables party!” – Shanna, encouraging the contestants to win their first challenge so they can claim a syringe-shaped invitation to a cocktail party featuring Botox injections

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