Why Breast Implants Can Give You Bad Breath

MakenzieR on 10 Feb 2012 at 1:30pm

breast implants bad breathWhen you get breast implants, a tummy tuck, a facelift, or other invasive surgeries on the front of your body, you typically are told to sleep on your back in a "recliner" position for at least two weeks or longer. What they don't tell you in the post-op instructions is that you may need to keep some breath mints on the bedside table -- apparently back sleeping can worsen your morning breath.

According to the folks over at Daily Beauty "sleeping on your back forces gravity to pull the jaw downward, causing you to breathe through your mouth, rather than your nose. When this happens, saliva production is slowed."

Why does this affect breath stench? Because "saliva is the natural cleanser in the mouth that rinses away the bad bacteria," said cosmetic dentist Dr. Irwin Smigel

By all means, listen to your surgeon's instructions and sleep however they tell you to post-op. But in light of this news, perhaps a few tins of Altoids should be added to the pre-op shopping list. Whoever is kind enough to take care of you while you're healing will likely thank you for it!

(Of course once you can flip over to your tummy or side again, then there's the worry about worsening facial wrinkles from pillow-age. A girl just can't win!)

Do you (or your S.O.) notice a breath scent difference depending on how you sleep?

Photo credit: © Darrin Henry/Deposit