Don't Trash Your Bra. Give it to Breast Oasis

A. Foley on 15 Aug 2010 at 3:46pm

Doctors are time starved; this is something we've learned from the beginning of launching our RealSelf Q&A that invites in doctors to volunteer time, answering consumer questions about aesthetics. That's why we're impressed by a doctor that can find significant time to devote to charitable causes (e..g running a relief mission to Peru or Haiti).

bras recycled for women in need

Three Akron, Ohio based plastic surgeons caught our team's attention based on their launch of an entirely new charity that addresses an easily overlooked problem. Women in need cannot afford to purchase bras. The doctor's started Breast Oasis, an organization that supports women by collecting, cleaning and distributing new and gently used bras.

The idea of Breast Oasis came about after the doctors talked with female patients who were undergoing breast reconstruction or other forms of breast surgery. The majority of these women were planning to throw out their perfectly good bras following their procedures due to the change in bust size.  

With Breast Oasis, medical practices around the country are starting to make sure the bras don't head to the landfill and that small, intimate donations can provide comfort for thousands of women around the country. Bra recycling is starting to catch on around the world; for instance, in Japan a recent event led to the collection of over 35,000 bras.

Surgeons who are active in the Breast Oasis initiative include:

Akron - Dr. John Pedersen
Washington - Dr. Behnaz Fayazi
Orlando - Dr. George Papanicolaou
Oklahoma - Dr. Dayne Pedersen
Charlotte - Dr. Mohan Pillai
Columbus - Dr. Walt Bernacki
Tampa - Dr. Scott Gragasz
Rockford - Dr. Landon Pryor
Minneapolis - Dr. David Thao
California - Dr. Grant Stevens 

For more information, check out Breast Oasis Bra Collecting