Breast Implants in 3D: New Technology Offers Preview of How They Look Under Clothes

Princess 19 on 24 Aug 2011 at 9:00am

We all wish we had a crystal ball, especially when it comes to body modification.  What you want to look like vs. what you end up looking like don't always match.  Researchers from two Swiss universities have developed a simulation program that allows you to see yourself with new boobs - and what they'll look like under clothes.

This isn't the first 3D imaging system for plastic surgery.  But with this program, called e-Stetix,  not only can a woman see her new "assets" naked, but she can see how the girls look in different outfits.  That's right, ladies.  You can imagine yourself with as much or as little cleavage as you want in that red tank or hot bikini.  Although, the clothing choices seem to be limited to various states of "going out" or "club wear," you'll apparently get the gist.  Perhaps Denise Richards could have used this technology beforehand, as she had three augmentations because she clearly was never happy the first two times.

e-Stetix breast implant simulation

breast implant before and after photosWe found other sites that essentially do the same thing - albeit not as scientific with the backig of two universities.  One was loveyourlook and the other inamodel (from Canada).  

Now, any program is not going to be 110% reliable.  Nothing is.  Having a heathy conversation with friends and your doctor are probably just as important as seeing what your future "self" will be in picture.  According to California-based general and plastic surgeron Dr. Joseph Mele, "Choosing the correct size for your breast augmentation is perhaps the most difficult part about the procedure."  So, think wisely.

If you want to attempt to utilize this technology at home, information is found on the software's marketing site called sublimma.  If not, you can watch the relatively entertaining video below.

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