New Bra Design Shows Off Augmented Assets

Princess 19 on 26 Apr 2011 at 7:00am

Getting breast augmentation is a big decision, but many women can not find sexy bras to fit their new figure. One newly-busted British lady set out to solve this dilemma.

At only 7 weeks old, Alexis Smith Bras is taking an untapped market and attempting to make a worldwide brand to help women with this predicament.  The idea of a pretty bra that caters to women with augmented breasts was born out of all things, necessity.  Lounging beachside on holiday one day, Alexis lamented on having to put on a bra and get ready to go out on the town.  She loved how comfortable her swimsuit was and dreaded the fit and ill comfort of the bras she found for her new size.  She had gone up a few cup sizes but still had a small back circumference. 

“I found that I couldn’t buy attractive lingerie anymore,” said Alexis in an interview with RealSelf. “The larger sizes were heavy in support with large straps.  They covered my whole breasts!  I couldn’t feel good about myself.”

Many women ask what type of bra to wear after surgery.  According to Orlando Plastic Surgeon Dr. Armando Soto, "A good support bra is important after augmentation surgery (especially when implants are placed under the chest muscles)."

Alexis Smith bras for breast implants

Le Mystère No. 9 bras were designed for women with implants. Alexis tracked one down in the UK, but had multiple sizing issues, and felt the "plain cream lace" wasn't sexy enough for her new 32Fs.

Le Mystere breast implant bra

This can present a quandary: orthopedic vs. sexy.  What’s the point of having surgery if you can’t flaunt the results?

Alexis wanted a bra to be low enough to show off her beautiful “assets,” but supportive and comfortable enough to be functional and attractive. So, she set out to have one made – just for herself at first.

In the beginning, it was a very slow process.  Ms. Smith did everything herself – from the design to ultimately even styling the photo shoots to launch her line. Alexis had formerly worked for Chanel in the travel retail division. 

She hired a seamstress that specialized in ready-to-wear fashion.  So, finding the right prototype design was a bit difficult since neither really knew anything about lingerie.  She knew what she DIDN’T want - the infamous uncomfortable underwire that many manufacturers use for support as cup sizes get larger. 

Alexis Smith bra for breast augmention

Out of happenstance, Alexis asked her seamstress for underwire suppliers “just in case” she couldn’t successfully design a bra that would be both pretty and supportive.  After a few calls, one supplier, who supplied hooks and bra strap hardware, ironically made a type of plastic that they tested for lingerie support.  The dilemma was solved.

It took four attempts before Alexis got the design and cut right. Now, two years later, what started out as a self-help project has turned into a new company.

The result, according to Alexis, “So comfortable, it’s amazing.” 

Her line is made of pure silk and the price point is kept lower than other high-end lingerie for a reason.

“I wanted to keep these bras affordable and available to everyone, “ she said.  “Thousands of girls have this problem.  They want to buy pretty lingerie, too.  There really is no reason why woman with natural breasts who have this problem couldn’t wear my bras, either.”      

Her new collection is starting off with basic white and black styles for everyday wear.  She has also added pink because “all girls love pink.  I know I do.”

“As I expand, I will always have these [core] collections, “ said Alexis.

breast implant before and afterHer target markets are in the U.K., Paris, the U.S. and Brazil.  She currently does ship to the U.S.  

So, who says a little idea can’t turn into a company? 

“It’s never been about the money and fame.  I just wanted to find a bra that would fit.”

To find out more about Alexis Smith Bras, check out her newly launched e-commerce site here.

Photo Credit:  Alexis Smith Bras

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