Are You Ever Too Old For a Boob Job? Janice Dickinson and Joan Rivers Prove Otherwise

Princess 19 on 23 Jun 2014 at 1:30pm

Janice Dickinson got new implants on new reality TV show Botched

Thinking about getting more prominent "assets" later in life? Considering sassy TV personality Janice Dickinson just got an amazing  breast implant revision done by Dr. Terry Dubrow on reality show Botched at nearly 60 years old, is there a time limit for when us regular folk should give up considering it? 

RealSelf member Phoenix2628 posed  that very question to RealSelf's hundreds of board-certified plastic surgeons: "I'm coming up on 60, I'm pretty thin and somewhat fit. Am I nuts to think about [breast augmentation]?"

Now, some might (in this case, wrongly) assume that a 60-year-old woman might be more concerned with getting a  facelift than bigger boobs (for shame!), but not Phoenix2628! And she's in luck because according to some doctors, there is no time limit on getting a breast augmentation if you're healthy.

"Breast augmentation at age 60 is certainly not nuts," says New Jersey plastic surgeon  Dr. Shain Cuber. "Procedures aren't necessarily measured by age — they’re more or less measured by health and desire."

Adds Georgia plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Musarra: "60 is the new 40." Amen! "My oldest breast augmentation has been 64, and was she ever happy she made that decision," says Dr. Musarra. "If you are in good health and your expectations are reasonable, go for it."

Janice Dickinson and Joan Rivers book covers

Who's to say that the thought of fuller breasts at a later age isn't acceptable? Janice Dickinson is the perfect example. The 59-year-old self-proclaimed "cougar" was looking better than ever after Dr. Dubrow's revision that she strutted around naked on camera during her first photoshoot post-op. She's so happy with her new breasts that reveals to the audience, "I will be going to the beach and putting on the skimpiest bikinis I can get my hot little hands on and I challenge the paparazzi to take pictures of them and try to find fault with them!" More power to her!

What's more, Queen of Comedy Joan Rivers, proclaims that there is no age limit to any cosmetic procedure, much to the chagrin of her daughter Melissa. During an appearance with her mother on The Doctors, Melissa told her mom, " I think at one point enough is enough, and you hit a certain age and the risk outweighs the reward." 

Joan's reply? "The only way at this age I can get a man to touch me is by having plastic surgery!"  She went on to say that she would never stop improving herself, regardless of her daughter's pestering to stop.

"I'd rather die having plastic surgery than having knee surgery," Joan says.

And there you have it. 

Would you consider body augmentation past 60? Do you have a cut-off age for surgery?

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