The Botox Breast Lift

Beauty in Seattle on 3 Aug 2006 at 5:08am

Until now, Botox has been relegated to the forehead and sweat glands.

Apparently, a Botox Breast Lift is ideal for those small-breasted ladies with slouchy shoulders. The effect of the Botox breast lift may, however, be a perceived change and not an actual one. The procedure, which originated in Mexico has only been tried on a small number of women in Canada, but not in the United States. No clinical trials have taken place yet.

The idea here is to use Botox injections to numb the pectoral muscles, which as the theory goes, allows the shoulders to relax backward and women to stand up straighter thereby lifting the chest and improving the appearance of the bustline. In other words, it’s a temporary lift. It does not change the size or shape of the breasts–just makes them seem perkier.

While Botox is approved by the FDA for certain procedures, namely temporarily eliminating facial wrinkles, this is not one of them. Some US doctors dismiss it as gibberish and say it’s just a gimmick that makes no sense anatomically.

Allergan, the maker of Botox, released a statement saying that "Botox Cosmetic in the breast area is an off-label use, meaning that this technique has not been validated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug administration. This is not implying that it is dangerous, just that it has not gone through the rigor of the FDA review process, which evaluates drug safety and efficacy for a given use."