Learn What “Liquid Gold” Could Do for Your Skin — Watch the Top 5 Videos of the Week

Elisabeth Kramer on 31 Jul 2015 at 8:30am

David Mabrie
1. Botox and Fillers 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started
This video from Dr. David Mabrie holds its spot at #1 for another week. Learn the basics of Botox and injectable fillers.

2. "I Didn't Feel a Thing" — This Woman Gets Under Eye Belotero Injections With Microcannulas
Does it hurt to get Belotero? Top Doctor Jason Emer invites us to see for ourselves.

3. Gain Back Your Skin's Texture and Elasticity With "Liquid Gold" — The Doctor Explains PRP
Top Doctor Marc DuPere explains how PRP could change how you see skincare.

4. 25-Year-Old Woman With Under Eye Bags Since Childhood — The Doctor Recommends an In-Office Procedure
What do you do about a beauty concern you’ve had since childhood? Top Doctor Amiya Prasad offers his advice.

5. Mommy Makeover: The Doctor Explains This Combination Procedure With Before & After Photos
A picture’s worth 1,000 words. See which ones Top Doctor John Q. Cook uses in this video about mommy makeovers.

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