Can I Get Botox If I'm a Heavy Pot Smoker?

MakenzieR on 20 Apr 2012 at 3:30pm

marijuana and surgery

The ability to remain anonymous inspires many questions on RealSelf that may be embarrassing to ask in the doctor's office. So, in honor of the unofficial holiday that is 4/20, we've rounded up some interesting Q&As for those that occasionally indulge in the use of Mary Jane.

Is it okay to smoke marijuana before or after plastic surgery?

"I strongly encourage all of my surgical patients to stop smoking (marijuana or cigarettes) four weeks prior to surgery and at least two weeks after. While marijuana itself may not have a significant impact on your recovery, the smoking has a detrimental effect on wound healing." - Louis DeLuca, MD

What about eating it? 

"Although THC is not similar to nicotine, to be on the safe side, I put it in the same category because we don't know its effects. For surgeries that do not have difficult healing issues...I do not enforce any alteration in habits.  For other surgeries...I do recommend three weeks cessation before and two weeks after. There is no data to support this, but it makes me feel safer." - Gordon Lewis, MD

Can I get Botox if I'm a heavy pot smoker?

"There is no contraindication to having a few hits of marijuana and receiving Botox injections. Just make sure that your injector is not sharing your pipe/bong with you. The munchies will help keep you from losing volume in your face, which should help keep you looking younger. Be well and pass the Oreos." - [resident funny man] Michael A. Persky, MD

And last but not least, if you've just had weight loss surgery, Dr. Shawn Garber notes that it's not wise to use MJ because it will increase your appetite. 

RealSelf does not encourage or condone the illegal use of marijuana. 
Photo credit: Pavel Yazykov/Deposit