Which City Offers Botox 24 Hours a Day?

Princess 19 on 4 Nov 2011 at 9:00pm

Where can you get a "quick fix filler" any time of the day?  No, it's not NYC or LA (although, we venture to guess there might be a place, but we haven't heard).  It's Moscow - as in Russia. 
The land of the frozen tundra is now becoming popular for freezing muscles to fight back the signs of aging (yes, we had to go there and use that analogy).  Botox is becoming so popular in Moscow, that one clinic offers the service of getting your touch-up injections 24 hours-a-day. 
Apparently there are people out there fretting over a frown line at 3AM...  We've heard of 24-hour salons that will cater to that cut and blow-dry or mani/pedi any time of the day,  but this takes it to a whole new level.
The idea and popularity of Botox was recently covered in none other than The Moscow Times.  The article bravely hypothesized that the new-found popularity could be due to the unnamed Soviet leader who apparently has had some face work done recently.  Who could that be?  The popularity of the procedure is higher amongst Russian men.
Could the Prime Minister be the reason for the rising popularity of Botox with Russian men?
“Half the people we get in here are men,” said one Botox specialist quoted.
The specialist, however, did refuse to discuss whether or not, let's just say, the Prime Minister has actually "gone under the knife."  Well, no surprise there.  
So, if you were ever worried you wouldn't be able to get your crow's feet banished if you visited the Russian capital city, your worries are over.  For about 200 rubles, you'll be all set.  That's about $7 in American money.  Wow, that's a better bargain than a bowl of Borcsh (once again, we just had to go there).

Photo credit:  Flickr by 
aubergene; Styleite