Botched Season 1 Deleted Scenes: Jenn Makes Amends For Being a Bad Friend

Jager Weatherby on 7 Jul 2014 at 11:15am

Jenn Botched Deleted Scene

Botched Season 1, Episode 3 featured boob jobs, butt implants, and deviated septums, but there’s plenty that happened outside the operating room that we didn’t get a chance to see!

In this newly released unseen footage, porn star Kimber James opens about the issues she’s had with her appearance and how it’s affected her career. “Because of the way my vagina looks, I can’t have sex on camera in certain positions. There’s pictures I won’t allow to be taken which are standard [in the industry].”

Kimber sits down with her friend and publicist Erika to reveal her decision to get a labiaplasty, as well as a smaller set of implants and a nose job revision. “I think you need to do what’s going to make you feel best,” says Erika. “And if you think the surgeries will make you feel best, then you should do them. I’ll be there for you.”

On another side of town, Jenn sits down with her old friend, Joi, to apologize for distancing herself because of her insecurities with her nose. “I felt like everyone was looking at me for the wrong reasons,” Jenn explains. “I just decided I was going to be by myself for awhile. I wasn’t a good friend and I backed out when people needed me the most.”

Thankfully, Joi understands and want to leave the past in the past. Not only does she decide to move forward with their friendship, but she later shows her support at Jenn’s big reveal. “Her nose is not why I hang out with her,” she says to the camera. “As long as she’s happy, then I’m happy!”

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