Botched Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: Patient Gets a Breast Implant on the Back of His Head

Jager Weatherby on 28 Jul 2014 at 2:55am

The excitement of Botched continues this week as plastic surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow take on cases from a man with a massive head scar, a woman who went bargain-hunting for procedures oversees, and a breast cancer survivor who’s been living with an exploded implant following reconstructive surgery.

If for some reason you didn’t tune into this real-life drama, we’re here to recap the highlights from Botched Season 1, Episode 6. Read on for all the scoop, then make sure to watch our exclusive after show with Dr. Nassif himself!


Botched 1

Hailing from a tiny town in Michigan, Mike moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a personal trainer. However, the pressure to look good started to affect his self-esteem, so he decided to get a hair transplant to hide his receding hairline.

11-inch scar on the back of his head
⇼ Mike sought out a Beverly Hills doctor who was said to perform nothing but hair restoration surgeries. The doctor promised Mike 80% fullness on the front of his scalp and absolutely no scar at the donor site whatsoever.
⇼ The day of the surgery didn’t go as planned. Not only did the doctor suddenly move Mike to a random office 30 minutes away, but he gave him pain pills instead administering anesthesia. The chunk of hair he took from the back of Mike’s head was supposed to be really thin, but instead Mike was left with an 11-inch scar that’s a centimeter wide. “It looks like a shark bit half my head off,” he says.

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Nassif and Dubrow decide to take on the case
⇼ Mike reveals that he’s bothered by how his scar has become a conversation topic, even for people he’s never met. “People have no problem walking up to me and being like, ‘So, what happened to the back of your head?’” he explains. “Like, [it happens] at the grocery store. The worst part is that they usually expect some sort of horrific story. And then when I tell them I got plastic surgery, they’re like, ‘Oh, you did that to yourself?’”
⇼ After examining Mike’s scar, the doctors say the best option is to insert a balloon of saline into the back of his head and slowly fill it over the course of a week. This technique will expand the tissue, allowing for less tension after the final procedure — however, Dr. Dubrow warns that it is going to hurt. “You want to put a boob implant in my head?” Mike asks. “I feel like there’s going to be a lot of really mean nicknames. I’m definitely not going outside or telling any of my friends about this while it’s happening.”

Botched 2

Mike seems calm and confident as he arrives for his first procedure. “There’s always a small chance that something could go wrong and you could die. That’s part of any surgery,” he says. “But if I did, it would be such a way to go. I mean, with a boob in the back on my head, in a plastic surgery office, face down on an operating table on Rodeo Drive!” Nassif and Dubrow work together to perform a successful procedure — one in which Mike walks out alive. “We put a 170cc’s in the tissue expander, which is about the size of B cup,” Terry explains. “Over the next week, we plan to expand it further to about a small D.”

Several weeks after expanding the implant to its full size, the doctors are ready to remove the saline bag and perform revision on the scar. They deflate the expander, remove the scar, and stitch Mike’s scalp back together. Unfortunately, it’s not guaranteed that he’s going to have a flawless result. “I’m very optimistic for Mike’s surgery, but you never know,” says Terry. “One of the things that you worry about when you do a scar revision is that you can get shock loss, which is basically a wide area of hair falling out for about six to eight months. It can happen even when you do everything perfectly, and Mike needs to understand that.”

Botched 3

Mike’s head seems to be taking a great deal of time to heal, but that’s exactly what the doctors told him to expect. “They told me that’s because it’s still swollen,” he says. “Once the swelling goes down, you shouldn’t see the scar. I’ve learned a lot about plastic surgery from talking to these guys, for sure. There’s no guarantee, but they do this all the time!”


Botched 4

Raised by a preacher for the Seventh-Day Adventist denomination, Michelle had a very strict homelife as a child. She wasn’t allowed to dance, she couldn’t wear makeup, and had to wear her dresses at a certain length. She found that her only outlet was through animals, so she spent nearly all of her free time riding horses.

PROBLEM: Cleft chin
⇼ Michelle was reared in the head by a horse at the age of 24, causing the right side of her face to become paralyzed. It took her roughly two years and 10 procedures to heal from her injuries… however, she didn’t stop there. “I think I overcompensated with plastic surgery because I always felt like I wasn’t a whole person,” she reveals. She traveled to the Philippines to get cheap procedures like a facelift and a cleft put into her chin. “I figured, if they see my cleft, they’re not going to notice my cheek that’s still disfigured! I’ve seen some women who look really cute with it, but I don’t like it on me. It’s important for me to fix this cleft in my chin. [...] What I’ve been able to do with plastic surgery in the past has always made me feel better about myself, so I’m sure that this will be a big improvement.”

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Nassif and Dubrow decide to pass on the case
⇼ Michelle admits to the doctors that she’s had a number of procedures in the Philippines because it was less expensive. “When you go to a foreign country for surgery, buyer beware,” Terry warns. “You might get what you pay for.”
⇼ Inside the examining room, Dr. Nassif inspects Michelle but ultimately decides to pass on the procedure. “She has to like herself,” he explains. “She has to stop thinking that she needs to constantly make herself look perfect.”


Botched 5

Cynthia was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, which lead her to getting a mastectomy. “The plastic surgeon made it sound like everything was going to look exactly the same,” she explains. “He never brought up the fact that I’d be losing my nipple.”

Exploded breast implant following reconstructive surgery
⇼ Cynthia underwent reconstructive surgery a year later, which involved getting implants in both of her breasts. When she woke up, however, she noticed that her left breast had flattened out like a football and had even formed a bit of a “uniboob” with her right. To cover her scars and the lack of a nipple, Cynthia got a tattoo of a lotus on her left breast.

Nassif and Dubrow decide to take on the case
⇼ Dr. Dubrow examines Cynthia’s breasts and suggests operating on both of them. “The right one is wide, the nipple’s pointing to the armpit, and it’s too low. The reconstructed side is just a complete disfigurement.” Terry warns Cynthia that her tattoo could possibly change shape, but all she’s worried about is feeling comfortable and regaining her confidence.

Botched 6

Nipple Tattooing: Restoring Self-Esteem After Mastectomy

Given that Cynthia was diagnosed with breast cancer at such a young age, her chances of getting it again are extremely high. Dr. Dubrow inspects her carefully and finds numerous blue cysts, which thankfully are totally benign. He does make an alarming discovery, though. As he pulls the implant out of Cynthia’s left breast, he realizes that it’s been grossly ruptured for a long period of time. He continues with the surgery as planned, and manages to construct two full and evenly-sized boobs.

POST SURGERY: Cynthia’s in a lot of pain at her one-day check-in, but admits that she hasn’t been taking her medication because it makes her “sick and crazy.” Dr. Dubrow worries that Cynthia won’t heal properly if she’s in so much pain, and prescribes her even more medication to knock her out.

After making a full recovery, Cynthia’s ready to reveal her new body to her friends. She gets glammed up in a sexy blue bikini and sky-high heels, and struts her stuff around a rooftop pool. “I really have conquered so many things,” she says. “I’m empowered to be myself and have what’s on the inside now be on the outside.

Botched 7


Episode 6 brought plenty of touching moments, but we were treated to a bit of levity amidst all the seriousness. Following Mike’s final saline injection, he shared this exchange with Dr. Terry Dubrow:
TERRY: You wanted a breast implant in your head. You got it!
MIKE: [laughing] I did. I asked for this. You gonna put a nipple on there, too?
TERRY: [to the camera] Mike’s head is about the size of a good C cup. Maybe a D in a tube top…
MIKE: I feel perfect… and beautiful.

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