Betsey Johnson's New Line Inspired by Breast Implants

MakenzieR on 13 Sep 2011 at 9:00am

Eccentric designer Betsey Johnson showcased her Spring 2012 collection at New York's Fashion Week.  The designs were as wild as ever (think baby-doll dresses with exposed leopard print push-up bras), and said inspiration came from what seems like an unusual source: her breast implants.

That may explain the copious cleavage on display -- considering the waif-ness of most NYC models, all the girls in Johnson's show were surprisingly endowed and/or propped up.  She also cited her daughter and Nicki Minaj as inspiration.  The latter would definitely explain the hodge-podge of prints. 

Perhaps Ms. Johnson would rate her implants as "Not Worth It," as she rambled in her interview that they make her look fat and that "Nicki Minaj can pull them off, but not me!"

I can only think of one other designer who's breast implants "inspired" a line -- Ms. Alexis Smith.  Makes a little more sense though, as she was designing bras for augmented breasts

View highlights from Johnson's show:

Photo credit: Wikimedia