Think Before You Ink: 7 Ways To Avoid Tattoo Regret

25 Feb 2014 at 9:00am

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The popularity of tattoos has exploded into a massive global phenomenon. Tattooing is so widespread that it’s hard to walk down the street and not see a tattoo shop on the corner ready to permanently adorn willing clientele for life with their brand of body art. Increased public acceptance has led to everyone and their mother wanting to get a tattoo, which in turn raises the demand for tattoo artists who are ready (and willing) to practice their craft.

More times than not, tattoos are impulsive purchases. People don’t properly think the process through, including the long-term implications of their permanent body decor.  Many people get tattoos for the sake of fashion, without doing a lot of research, which unsurprisingly leads to many cases of tattoo regret and a growing demand for laser tattoo removal treatmentsTattoo regret can also be caused by an improperly trained or amateur artist botching a great idea, which is problematic since there are no room for mistakes in a great tattoo experience.

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Fortunately, there are ways of avoiding tattoo regret (though there are no guarantees). Read the following tips and (hopefully) you’ll be satisfied years down the line.

1. Take your time:  Think long and hard about what you want on your body.  Perhaps you fall in love with an existing image and want it on your body, but in most cases, a custom piece of art is more satisfying in the long run, as there are no other people in the world with the same ink.  You can never take too much time in your decision process.
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2. Do your research:  The beauty of the modern age is that information and images are at the tip of our fingertips.  Go online and sift through artists, pictures, portfolios, biographies, testimonials and every bit of info you can find on trained professionals. The Internet is a valuable tool at your disposal and it's up to you to harness its vast power. There are many artists out there, some are immensely talented — and others, not so much.

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3. Establish contact:  Walk in’s are always nice, but aren’t necessarily the best way to go about getting a tattoo (unless you're absolutely set on a piece of flash or existing image).  Call, e-mail or get in touch with your artist by any means in order to establish a rapport; the tattoo process is an intimate experience that marks you for life, and so you want to be able to trust and feel comfortable with them.  Once you do this, be open and accepting of their advice.

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