Before and After Tummy Tuck: This Mommy Wants a Makeover

luvmyboys on 13 Jan 2014 at 9:00am

before and after tummy tuck photos

RealSelf community member luvmyboys is a 38 year-old registered nurse who started her surgical journey in April 2013. This is her story, in her own words.

I have three boys and they were big babies. No matter what kind of exercising I did, I knew that the extra skin was never going to go away. Every time I got dressed I thought, "Is someone going to see this pouch?"

I found my doctor on RealSelf. I read through the questions he responded to, and looked through his before and afters. He was actually the only consultation I went to, because once I met him, I knew that I didn’t want anyone else to touch me.  

I also thought why not get "the girls" put back where they belong? My total cost came out to $12,650. I received a $250 credit for being an RN and a $500 credit for combining my breast lift with my tummy tuck.

before and after tummy tuck photos

My initial thought when I first saw myself after surgery was, “Why did I wait so long?” It’s funny because you are so worried about the tummy tuck scar -- but do you want a scar that you can cover with bikini bottoms or do you want flab hanging over your bikini bottoms?

The recovery process is like a rollercoaster, though. When the surgery is first done and you can actually see the difference you say, “Wow, this is great!” Then you feel like garbage. You're so tired. I would joke that every hour of activity meant I would need an hour nap.

Having a tummy tuck is like childbirth, people can tell you what it’s like, but you don’t really know until you’re there.

You say before surgery, “Yeah, yeah, it’s going to hurt ... and yeah, yeah, it’s going to take some time to recover,” but you don’t know you’re going to be winded walking your kid to the bus. 

before and after tummy tuck photos

Having my husband’s help was invaluable. He helped with the kids, made dinner, emptied my drains and was my cheerleader. We had a trip planned, and whenever I’d say, “Why did I do this? This is terrible ...” He’d say, “Stay focused, think of your bikini and think of June when we go away. It will be worth it."

People are usually quiet about plastic surgery, it’s very hush hush. But when I went back to work, and if someone asked me why I was out, I told them, “Well, to be honest with you, I had a tummy tuck.” It’s funny because when you tell the truth, everyone says, “Oh my gosh, I want one too!” Then they ask, “Who’s your doctor?"

Prior to my surgery, I never would have admitted that I had this [stomach], but now I’m like, "Do you want to see my before picture?"

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