With BeautiControl, Tupperware want to take the spa to your home

Beauty Cred on 8 Feb 2007 at 12:00am

Over the past 25 years your Tupperware party has modernized into an "entertaining and interactive" party: the BeautiControl Spa Escape party.   A Spa Escape is described as an experience where you:

"...have fun, relax and learn about anti-aging solutions you can use at home.
In a “try before you buy” setting, you'll experience affordable alternatives to sought-after treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peels and wrinkle-relief treatments. "

Fair disclosure: BeautiControl cosmetics and Spa Escapes are completely new to me...odd given its 25 years in the business.   A home spa party is certainly not a new concept, but a BeautiControl consultant has yet to hit my social network. 

beauticontrol competes with <a href=Arbonne pitch empty-handed, I feel lousy for weeks.  I can do with less guilt in my life.

Interestingly, Arbonne is a huge hit due to their use of a Tupperware-like distribution model (independent sales consultants); so you can imagine the Tupperware execs feel pressure to get back into the consultative sales leadership position with BeautiControl.

Yet, BeautiControl may take a slow path to urban markets like Seattle (my home town).  They appear to be going for the Mustang for skin care sales heartland consumer.  How so?  BeautiContrl consultants are offered the incentive of working your way to a cherry red Ford Mustang. Arbonne, in contrast, is about working your way to a white Mercedes.  I have nothing against Mustangs, but I can't say I know a single women in this area who covets one or would get swayed to join a sales team with the possible outcome being a muscle car.  Arbonne sales consultants work their way to a white Mercedes
I remain open minded to the products offered by BeautiControl.  Their anti-aging skin care lines are divided into 3 categories; maintenance, repair, or prevention.  The skin serum and advanced eye repair cream contain advanced peptides and polyhydroxide to repair damaged skin.  As the Tupperware CEO stated in a recent presentation "these aren't just moisturizers, but they're high-tech solutions to damaged skin."

Anyone with BeautiControl spa or product experience, please leave a comment!