Battling the Obesity Epidemic One Patient at a Time

2 Apr 2014 at 9:00am

Today we have a guest post from Dr. Mary Lee Peters about the positive statistics of patients who are massive weight loss success stories and want to get the body they deserve through body contouring like Bodylifts

With today’s media current and health research focused so often on the obesity epidemic in our country, it is rare to hear some positive statistics. Positive statistics are out there though, and I see the people who represent them every day in my office. My staff and I encourage a healthy lifestyle without making anyone feel like they have to be perfect to achieve their goals. In my practice, I feel lucky to be a part of my patients' healthy life change. I enjoy the reward of my patient becoming on the outside who they always have been on the inside.

The Aesthetic Surgery Journal's February 2014 edition features a survey of patients who represent those good stats-patients who have countered the obesity epidemic after achieving significant weight loss. The survey asked which patients were most likely to have surgery to correct excess skin and in which areas.

Here are some of their findings:

The areas that people most wanted improvement in were:
  • 62.2%. Abdomen
  • 37.6% Upper Arms
  • 28.3% Breast or Chest
  • 35.6% Rear or Buttocks
Additionally, the survey found:
  1. People with a weight loss of more than 50kg (110lb) showed a stronger desire for body contouring than those with less than 20 kg(44 lb).
  2. Women were more likely to desire body contouring than men.
  3. Younger age groups had a stronger desire for post bariatric body contouring.
  4. The majority of patients wanted to have body contouring procedures for both functional reasons and improved body confidence.

Most respondents to the survey thought that dealing with the extra skin was an important part of completing their health goals. Of those surveyed, only 15.5% did not want any post-weight loss plastic surgery. Deciding on surgery is never something to do lightly. I give each of my patients a thorough exam and discuss possibilities and procedure with them so they can know what to expect. I use before and after pictures to give them a sense of what might be a realistic result for their body type.

Many of my patients tell me that they feel that a procedure to improve the excess skin is important. After a great deal of hard work, patients often want the rest of the world to be able to see it as well. Most of my weight loss patients are very excited and motivated for the procedures they come to see me about. I am encouraged by them and for them every step of the way. When they come back in new clothes I get to smile right alongside them.