Leaks, Post-op Support, Stomach Stapling: Bariatrics Must-See Q&A

Kirsty at RealSelf on 15 Dec 2010 at 9:49am

This month, the ever-growing RealSelf bariatric community welcomes Dr. David Buchin and Dr. Ryan Heider. Both doctors have already made an impact in the bariatrics community by providing their expert knowledge and answering a lot of questions for our community members.

As a bariatric community and Doctor Q&A moderator, I read a lot of questions every month from RealSelf community members. I'd like to highlight some of the top thought-provoking questions from community members and informative answers from the doctors who post on RealSelf.

Question of the month: What is Roux-en-y (RNY) Gastric Bypass?

Here are 10 more of our most informative bariatric questions:

Lap Band

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Duodenal Switch

Gastric Bypass


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