Bar-Mitzvah Botox: The big day isn't all about your kid

MakenzieR on 27 Apr 2011 at 9:00am

Much like the bridesmaid wants to look her best as her friend’s wedding, so the Bar-Mitzvah mom wants to shine on her child’s big day. The latest trend? A little B’nai Botox.

And why not? The parents are usually in almost as many photos as the child. They are greeting friends and family who probably haven’t seen them in a few years. Not to mention that the stress of planning a huge event while dealing with the normal issues of raising a pre-teen can accelerate aging (of course that did not affect my mother, who may be reading this!).

According to an article in the Jewish Exponent, the top 4 wrinkle-removal requests for women in 40s are:

  1. The 11s (frown lines between the brows)
  2. Crow’s feet
  3. Smile lines
  4. Smoker lines (wrinkles above the upper lip)

Nose jobs (both surgical and non) and facelifts are also popular. And it's not just women -- dads and grandfathers come in too. 

botox before and after

“The trick is scheduling procedures to account for their recovery time, and to work backwards from the date of the Bar Mitzvah,” said Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bruce Genter. Obviously a facelift will require more downtime than a little filler.

Added Dr. Paul Glat, another Philly plastic surgeon: "If you're even considering having something done, go in for a consultation as soon as you get the Bar Mitzvah date…Know your options." 

I'm seeing a VH1 reality show here ... "Botox and Bar-Mitzvahs," aka "Real Housewives of Synagogue."

Has a loved one's big day prompted you to get work done? Was it something you were already planning?

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