Army Wife Takes the #1 Spot — Watch the Top 5 Videos of the Week

Elisabeth Kramer on 27 Mar 2015 at 4:00pm

640We’ve got three new breast augmentation stories in this week’s Top 5. You’ll meet Nadia, Monica, and Nakita as they work with Dr. David E. Kim to get the breasts they’ve always wanted. Also, see one woman’s BBL results and hang out with Lindsay, a North Carolina radio star who shares her final results.

1. Army Wife With Two Sons Shares Her Breast Augmentation Story (GRAPHIC)
Dr. Kim introduces us to Nadia, a stay-at-home Army wife with two young sons. See how the doctor helps her get her body back post-pregnancy.

2. 27-Year-Old Monica Had a Deflating Breast — See Why She Traveled All the Way From Guatemala
Anotherhit from Dr. Kim, this video follows Monica as she has a deflating breast implant fixed. See her final results.

3. BBL Results: See This Woman Before and After She Gets 1200ccs Per Cheek
Dr. Alexander Aslani shows what 1200ccs per cheek looks like three months post-op in this quick 30-second video.

4. My Breast Augmentation Story: This Local Celebrity Explains Her Surgery Choice
Lindsay’s no stranger to this list. Hear this radio star’s breast augmentation journey with Dr. Peter J. Capizzi.

5. 24-Year-Old Goes From A to D Cup — See the Surgery (GRAPHIC)
Nakita’s decided to go from an A cup to a small D. Watch her procedure with Dr. Kim.

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