Want Arbonne Ingredients? You'll have to work for it.

NancyM on 27 Jan 2009 at 12:00am

I've given up looking for the ingredients in Arbonne's NutriMinC RE9 REtaliate Wrinkle Filler.

I'm far from alone in this frustration.  Read this Arbonne post with over 16,000 reads to get a flavor of the complaints about Arbonne ingredient information.

Arbonne's ingredient listings feels out-of-place in this age of transparency and customer-centric marketing.  Arbonne makes consumers work to gain insight into the Arbonne product ingredients.

To get the ingredient list of any Arbonne product you must contact an Arbonne consultant.  Why does Arbonne make this an arduous process when  consumers are accustomed to Googling a product to get instant information?  To make a sale.

Arbonne - a love, hate relationship

If you're an Arbonne consultant, you either love Arbonne (i.e., you've made it to the top in sales and can feel the love as you drive off in the latest sales incentive) or you hate Arbonne (i.e., haven't sold diddly and got stuck with tons of product).

Ditto the Arbonne customers. Love the product, got a great deal, always get samples. Hate the product, can't find a consultant, can't escape the consultant. 

Love it or hate it?  Share your thoughts about Arbonne?