Aquafina Bottling Skincare, But Should Stick To Bottling Pepsi

Beauty Cred on 30 Oct 2007 at 8:07am

The powers that be at Aquafina are now making “advanced hydration premium skincare” products.

One of their products is dubbed the “Wrinkle Release and Sealer,” which they claim works after just one hour of use. The first two ingredients listed on the bottle are purified water and cetyl alcohol… hardly the dynamic duo you want to smooth onto your dry skin to decrease wrinkles. They’ve also thrown in some white tea and cucumber to even out the mix and appeal to those who favor natural skin care ingredients.

But it's their patented QuSome delivery system that sounds the hokiest. They describe QuSomes by saying they “are like microscopic water balloons” that deliver nutrients into deep layers of the skin. They say the QuSome system in their products enables them to work “better, faster and longer.”

Seems like another instance of a company jumping on the lucrative skincare and anti-aging beauty bandwagon to cash in on the desires of many to retain their youth.

Pepsi (the company behind Aquafina) should stick to beverages because their skincare promises sound too sweet to believe.