'Allure' Magazine Names Top Most Overrated Procedures - Do You Agree?

Nicole Karlis on 3 Apr 2013 at 9:00am

Making the decision to cosmetically enhance your body through surgery, lasers and injectables is always a gamble.

Even if you've done extensive research, there's still a chance you're not going to like your results -- or feel like you got what you paid for. With some laser treatments costing more than $1,000 it's important to actually see and like the end result which is why we hope the "Worth It" ratings help people get an accurate grasp of a procedure's general satisfaction level. 

Allure magazine recently published "The 11 Most Overrated Cosmetic Procedures" and we were curious to see if the RealSelf community agrees. 

Here are the results that we could compare to our own "Worth It" ratings:

 The Vampire Facelift

RealSelf Worth It rating: 63 percent

Allure says: "It's not actually a face-lift, and it's not FDA approved for use in the face. There are no independent studies proving its cosmetic benefits, though some doctors believe the growth factors in plasma can gradually stimulate collagen production."

Laser Liposuction

RealSelf Worth It rating: 80 percent

Allure says: "Using a laser to enhance traditional liposuction may sound like a scientific advance, but many doctors have their doubts."

Sculptra (For Lips)

Overall Sculptra RealSelf Worth It rating (for all uses, not just lips): 61 percent 

Allure says: "Cosmetic surgeons often disagree, but on this subject they are virtually unanimous: Only temporary fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane should be used in the lips."

Several doctors on RealSelf agree and have said that Sculptra should not be used on lips as well.


RealSelf Worth It rating: 75 percent

Allure says: "... Even when the face is slathered with numbing cream, the procedure can be painful. Really painful."

Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

RealSelf Worth It rating: 83 percent

Allure says: "Only those with very little extra skin and good elasticity qualify for the type of brachioplasty operation in which fat is extracted through an incision that can be hidden in the armpit."

Butt Implants

RealSelf Worth It rating: 69 percent

Allure says: "Risks include infection, wound opening, loss of feeling, and extrusion. As a result, fat injections in this part of the body have become more common."

Zerona Laser

RealSelf Worth It rating: 46 percent

Allure says: "For patients who report no benefit at all from a full course of six sessions costing $1,700, Zerona is, in the words of one critic, 'a wallet-ectomy.'"

Do you agree that these procedures are overrated? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.