Study shows 3 ways to fight skin aging

Beauty Cred on 7 Jul 2008 at 7:31pm

In a study recently released by the University of Michigan (and reported on SkinInc, 6/13/08), scientists determined the most useful anti-aging treatments, based on collagen renewal, for improving the appearance of aging skin.

While the report noted carbon dioxide (CO2) laser resurfacing and injections of cross-linked hyaluronic acid as effective cosmetic procedures, on the topical product side, retinoic acid (Renova 0.02% Cream is most commonly prescribed by doctors) was shown effective at improving skin's overall appearance, as well as improving skin's ability to resist bruises and tears, by stimulating new collagen.


Let us know if you've tried Renova 0.02% Cream and what your results were--share your before and after pictures if you've got some! Did Renova 0.02% Cream work for you?