Addicted to Big Lashes? There's a Name for That

MakenzieR on 5 Jan 2012 at 2:30pm

Do you suffer from Eyeagra Latissma (eye-AG-ra la-TEES-ee-muh)?

First you bought an eyelash curler, but after a while your lashes still looked too small.  Then you tried falsies -- too mush hassle.  Now you're a daily Latisse user, but still you wonder if your lashes couldn't be just a little bit thicker.  

If that sounds like you, then the answer is yes, according to Mike Albo in W Magazine.  He devised some tongue-in-cheek names for increasingly common beauty addictions.

In addition to Eyeagra Latissma, our other favorites were:

Peelimia (peel-EE-me-ah)

Compulsive disorder in which victims exfoliate and chemically plane face—using scrubs, organic fruit extracts, trichloroacetic acid, or vibrating diamond-­encrusted sanding wands—until skin resembles a slice of seared bluefin tuna.
Symptom: Dating dermatologists—or at least friending them on Facebook.

white smile addictionWhitenitis (wy-ten-EYE-tiss)

Craving for teeth to appear the color of blackboard chalk.
Symptoms: Sleeping with hydrogen peroxide–filled mouth guard; limiting oral intake to pale foods and white wine; recurring dreams involving Clorox.

Botox Taylor ArmstrongBotoxia (bow-TOX-ee-ah)

Obsessive need for frequent injections of botulinum toxin into one’s face in an attempt to be as smooth and wrinkle-free as a fiberglass statue. 
Symptom: Confusing actual skin with that depicted in magazines.

Do you suffer from any of these "conditions"?  I think I'm halfway to Eyeagra... not into Latisse yet but I love a good pair of false lashes!  

Click through to W  for a few more.

Photo credits: asobitsuchiya on flickr; jdurham on Morguefile; Bravo