Follow This Actress’s Breast Augmentation Journey — Watch the Top 5 Videos of the Week

Jager Weatherby on 14 Aug 2015 at 8:30am

Actress Breast Augmentation

1. Botox and Fillers 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started
This video from Dr. David Mabrie holds its spot at #1. In just under eight minutes, you’ll get a crash course in top skincare and anti-aging options like Botox and injectable fillers.

2. PRP for the Face: Watch the Doctor at Work
Top Doctor Jason Emer demonstrates how you can use your own platelet-rich plasma for facial rejuvenation (otherwise known as the “vampire facial”). What the procedure.

3. Botox: The Story Behind the Household Name
What is Botox? Who makes the best candidate? Dr. Shelena Lalji answers common questions about this treatment.

4. Follow Aspiring Actress Danielle on Her Breast Augmentation Journey
Danielle Meridieth, a 31-year-old actress, shares her decision to get a breast augmentation. Top Doctor Gregory Turowski documents her journey from consultation to post-op.

5. The 2 Things That Have Changed Breast Augmentation Forever
Dr. Louis Bucky rounds out our list with a video explaining the two things that have changed breast augmentation for the better. Watch now to learn more.

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