Accutane Over the Internet? Please, don't!

MakenzieR on 22 Mar 2011 at 12:00am

Accutane is touted as a miracle-drug for acne. It’s the last resort for many who’ve tried other options. Though effective, it’s saved for last because it has some serious potential side affects such as extremely sensitive skin, severe depression and birth defects.

I know firsthand what Accutane does and can do to the body. I recently wrote a review about my great, dermatologist-facilitated experience with it. So imagine my fear when I came across this Tweet from @QA_Free_Help: “Order Accutane Online Overnight Order Accutane Over The Counter Onlin”.

How can something like this be cheap and over the counter? In order to use Accutane, I had to go to my dermatologist’s office every month to check in on my health and progress. Before the initial prescription, I had to sign up for a program called iPledge, stating I would use two types of birth control (I only wished that had been a concern…). My iPledge ID was required for prescriptions. I could only obtain that month’s pills after a blood draw to check my potassium level and for pregnancy.

While it seems the generic Accutane pills sold online may be close to the real deal, I am highly skeptical of any site that thinks it’s okay to sell them to people without doctor consultations.

The site linked in that Tweet not only extolls how great their offer is, but right above it links to sites for lawyers who deal with acne med-related lawsuits. Gee, now I’m even more encouraged to buy this product. Let alone from a site that can’t spell “shopping” right (“shoping is 100% safe!”).

A Google search brought me to a slightly more legit looking page. In order to complete a purchase, one simply has to fill out the payment form and this medical questionnaire.

Conveniently, it’s already filled out with answers that will approve you for the drug.

The Internet availability of prescription drugs shipped from other countries is frightening. And the Twitter-universe is full of links to these sites. The FDA guidelines are there to protect us, and taking Accutane (or any Rx pill) is not like popping a few Advil.

If you are considering prescription strength acne treatment, consult a recommended dermatologist and only get your pills from a licensed pharmacy.