A-cup Implants, Pregnancy Risks, Liposonix: Must-see Q&A

Sharon at RealSelf on 16 Aug 2010 at 10:07am

Doctor Q&A on RealSelfAs a moderator of Expert Q&A, I see a lot of questions from the RealSelf Community.

Most people raise thoughtful and important concerns that help them make informed decisions about resolving an aesthetic problem. Some questions are unusual, and of course, a few are bizzare or entirely off-topic questions (that never make it onto the site).

In the past week, here are the 8 questions that really got noticed:

1) Can I get A cup implants?

2) 3 Questions to Ask Before Getting Lasik Eye Surgery

3) Liposonix - Hype or Real

4) Breast revision - sling made from cadaver skin to keep breasts from dropping?

5) Botox + Pregnancy = Safe?

6) Asian Surgery for Caucasian Women

7) Fat cell donors?

8) Can I get pregnant after gastric bypass surgery?

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