Yep, Filipino Prez Has Breast Implants, and Other Beauty and Skincare News

Will-Lee on 6 Jul 2009 at 10:01am

RealSelf's roundup of the latest news from the trades and papers:

1. Philippine President Gloria Arroyo had implants after all.

Call it Implant-gate: A spokesman for President Gloria Arroyo of the Philippines looked like a real boob over the weekend after admitting the Prez did have breast augmentation 20 years back, after initially saying she hadn't. Good news: She had lumps checked, and they're fine. [ABS-CBN]


2. Diabetes drug Actos could help psoriasis "significantly."

File under odd drug-fellows: Indian derms have found the diabetes drug Actos could lead to a 64% reduction in psoriasis severity when added to psoriasis treatment Soriatane. Dr. Sunil Dogra of Chandigarh, India, says Actos could be a "safer alternative" to other added-in therapies. [Skin and Allergy News] 

3. Pennsylvania wants to ban implants -- identity-chip implants, that is. 

So you don't want to be treated like "barcoded packages of meat"? Some Pennsylvania pols don't want you to, either, so they're pushing a bill that would ban the use of chip implants under the skin. The chips, made by VeriChip, are cleared for use to help nursing homes find wandering patients. [] 

4. Men love hospitals more than docs, women love hairdressers 

Who knew? Men -- yeah, all of you, of course -- are more loyal to hospitals than their doctors, according to a new study by the Journal of Marketing on group versus individual loyalty. Conversely, women stick with individuals -- like their hairdressers. [NYTimes]