When laser hair removal becomes a razor hair removal

Beauty in Seattle on 31 Jan 2007 at 11:41pm

Laser hair removal was today's big activity.  I finally decided I was done with the upper-lip bleaching.  And I'm too chicken to wax.  laser hair removal begins with razor hair removal

My appointment began with a very youthful 20-something cosmetic aesthetician offering reassurances that she only burned one poor soul.  But never worry, with my pale-as-the-moon skin tone, I would be safe.  She declared my skin type a Fitzpatrick  3;  which put me in safe territory.  I tuned out her explanation of who Fitzpatrick was/what he did.  I was also told that laser hair removal sessions reach only 20 percent of your hairs each time.  Somehow this translated into 8 to 12 sessions.  I'm no math major but...

Despite a sinking feeling I had made a bad decision, I followed the aesthetician into the treatment room.  Upon arriving she fired up the laser, handed me green tinted goggles, and then....oh - my - GOD...she picked up a $0.50 men's bic razor. 

At this point I threw off the goggles.  I was NOT going to have my face shaved.  Surely I would need 8-12 sessions after I get a man's 5 o'clock shadow!

Her comment that the laser hair removal works best on clean shaven female faces simply didn't help.  Off went the laser, out the door I went.  Didn't even pretend to make a follow-up appointment.

Maybe the hair bleaching isn't so bad afterall.  Anyone think this was a normal experience?  I'm feeling no remorse for my laser hair removal quick escape.