Quick Teeth Whitening: Tarte & BriteSmile lipgloss

Beauty Cred on 12 May 2008 at 11:19am

You already know I'm big on ampoules (quick & easy on-the-go beauty), so it should be zero surprise that I'm loving the team-up of Tarte Cosmetics and BriteSmile to deliver a double-ended dynamo for teeth whitening and lip glossing: Tarte Enbrightenmint. Here's my first impression...

As I first held Tarte Enbrightenmint, I thought it was incredibly light--and it is. There's .05 fl. oz. of BriteSmile teeth whitener, and .05 fl. oz. of Tarte lipgloss. So there's not a heck of a lot of product there. At $26, I'd like to see a bit more, but I guess that's the price you pay for a one-of -a-kind wand like this--there really aren't any others on the market (yet).

I'm familiar with this type of packaging, so I'm rotating the center cuff on the wand to force the product out on each end. I realize though, unlike some other dual-end products, Tarte Enbrightenmint does not include those hairline arrows directing the user to go in the right direction. This is not really a good thing as the unsuspecting novice (picture racing thru the check-check-double-check at the ladies' room mirror on a date) will undoubtedly wind up with product oozing out one end--and not the end she wants.

So I polish on the BriteSmile side of Tarte Enbrightenmint. That's a breeze. It's the minty fresh taste I'd want and it goes on in a flash. I like that Tarte Enbrightenmint is applied with a little brush (like the ones a lot of clickable lip glosses have). This is great for ensuring the BriteSmile gets between teeth and not just on them. You don't need a mirror to apply the teeth whitener, but you if you don't, keep in mind that the BriteSmile might clump a little--looking like you've just Wonder bread or something--but it's nothing a quick swirl of your tongue won't fix.

The Tarte Enbrightenmint t5 super fruit complex lipgloss side--at least mine--is in Radiant Red. I'm not a red kinda gal. And it's a bright looking red. But it's a gloss (so it's more sheer) and it's got blue undertones, which if I were a red kinda gal, I'd be wearing. So rather than recoil, I slick on the gloss and....drumroll please...I love it! It gives my lips a little just-bitten tint (not quite so much as the Origins stain of yore with similar name) and a nice shine. I may be dreaming, but I think my lips are a bit poutier, too (not a claim Tarte makes, but hey, I'm sharing).

Was it Worth it? I love the ease and portability of Tarte Enbrightenmint. I'd carry it with me--the BriteSmile mint flavor is fine--no "dental" taste at all. The lipgloss has a nice feel to it and the color has just the right hint--not too saturated. And it definitely brightens my smile. At $26, it might be a bit pricey for some, and the packaging should come with an arrow printed on it for the new user.