This Week in TV: Trainer Gains 100lbs, "Fake-overs" and At Home No Nos

A. Foley on 27 Aug 2012 at 9:00am


Starting off the week, Anderson sits down with personal trainer PJ James today, who took understanding to a whole new level. In just four months, he gained and lost 100 pounds to give himself a better understanding of what a weight loss journey really entails. PJ works to shed light on the challenges and emotional toil that come with weight loss and lifestyle changes, something our RealSelf community knows all about – struggling with everything from post-weight loss body issues, potential causes for weight gain, and looking for solutions to ongoing battles.

Next, on Wednesday, Dr. Drew sits down with a group of women who not only elect to have cosmetic surgery, but perform it on themselves because “it’s cheaper than going to a doctor.” Dr. Drew works with his guests to find the root cause behind this dangerous and extreme practice. As always, RealSelf encourages its readers to not only find a board-certified doctor in their area, but emphasizes the importance of certification not only for the success of a procedure, but for your safety.

This week, The Doctors address quick beauty fake-overs and “how to know when plastic surgery is required. On Wednesday’s show, it’s all about quick fixes – from an alleged instant facelift to an instant buttlift – as a beauty expert provides simple options for common body complaints.

Next up on Thursday, The Doctors tap into the gap that often exists between expectations and results and discuss when a surgical option is needed to achieve the look you want. One area where this often comes up in with skin – will fillers work, or is the surgical route best for what you’re after? Dermatologists and facial surgeons will be on the show to discuss non-invasive options, facelifts and everything in between, to set realistic goals on what to expect.



What do you think about gaining weight to walk in others shoes - empathetic or too risky? Please share your thoughts on any of the show guests in the comments below!


photo credit: anderson cooper, the doctors