No More Pit Stains! Lasers that Zap Your Sweat Glands

Princess 19 on 5 May 2011 at 10:00am

With summer fast approaching, millions of hyperhidrosis sufferers aren't thinking barbecues and beaches, they are thinking extra shirts and air conditioning.  For these individuals, the hot summer months are their ultimate nemesis.  Recently, ABC's Good Morning America showcased a procedure using lasers to stop excessive sweating.                                                      

Laser treatment for sweating surfaced about 2 years ago in the UK and is still in the stages of acceptance to cure or minimize hyperhidrosis.  In the report on GMA, AxiLase laser therapy is demonstrated on a long-time sufferer. A few incisions are made on the outer edge of the armpit, and the laser destroys the sweat Hyperhidrosis cure with laser treatmentglands which are then sucked out. The result is significantly less sweating--hopefully for good.

According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society (yes, there is one), 3% of the world's population suffer from this condition.  With over 6.7 billion people reported in the world, that's over 200 million people - celebs, world leaders, everyone (including the stunning Halle Berry! See photo).  The condition is so common that seeking treatment is inevitable.  Using super-strength deodorants or Botox injections are the two most popular treatments for this problem.  They have both been fairly successful, but not permanent.

"Botox, when used for hyperhidrosis, often lasts much longer than it does for treatment of hyperdynamic wrinkles in the face," says Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael R. Macdonald That being said, physicians agree it's not a permanent solution and needs to be repeated every 4-9 months, depending on the patient. 

Though the average cost is about $3000, laser treatment for excessive sweating hasn't been proven to be 100% effective or permanent.  But ask any of the 20 patients who've tried it at the one clinic in America currently using AxiLase, and they will tell you it works. It definitely seems like a better option for those who have not found long-term success with standard treatments.

AxiLase laser for hyperhidrosis

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