It's about time! Multifocal Hybrid Contact Lens from SynergEyes

Beauty Cred on 2 Apr 2008 at 7:53am

SynergEyes recently announced its new Multifocal Hybrid Contact Lenses, for those who are experiencing a slight decline in up-close vision.

The solution for people with this problem used to be wearing one contact lens in, one out. (Yeah, that does wonders for peripheral vision.) 

Here's what SynergEyes has to say about SynergEyes Multifocal Hybrid Contact Lenses:

 "The SynergEyes® Multifocal hybrid contact lens directs vision through two distinct areas of focus, one for your distance prescription and one for your near prescription.

Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are corrected by the distance power, while the crisp optics of the close-up power provides simultaneous computer and reading vision. The up-close clarity of the SynergEyes® Multifocal hybrid contact lens does not interfere with your distance vision, so you can now enjoy “simultaneous vision.”

Simultaneous vision works by allowing light rays from near, midrange, and distance to enter the pupil at the same time. The brain must learn to select the image it wants and filter out the images from other distances. Your visual clarity is often not achieved until the lenses have been worn for one or two weeks, and the brain has learned to adjust.

Once your brain adjusts to the simultaneous vision provided by the contact lens, your eye will be able to quickly focus back and forth from near to far. Whether reading, driving, shopping, or using a computer, you can once again pursue your passions without the limitations of poor vision."

There's hope yet!