Skin Actives - Skin Care Created by You

Beauty Cred on 14 Jan 2007 at 12:00am

Skin Actives

We’ve all heard the saying, “I wish I could bottle that and sell it.” Skin Actives has done just that by taking active ingredients in their purest form and selling them to consumers at bargain prices.

Why would you want to buy just an active ingredient? Because then you can build your own product and tailor it to your needs. Skin Actives calls this “Do It Yourself skin care.” They explain:

“At Skin Actives Scientific we provide everything you need to take control of your skin care. We stock the best ‘actives’, ingredients proven by scientific research and real world testing to have the best effects. Combine our actives with your favorite cream, lotion, or other application method and you create a skin care product that is not only world class in the sum of its parts but customized for you, by you, so that its effect on your skin is unmatched by any product on the retail market.”

Check out the invaluable table of ingredients that comprise the most popular skin care products currently on the market. Skin Actives suggests in the same table, which of their active ingredients to buy to surpass the leading brands in product integrity.

My favorite products are the Acai Berry Extract, an amazing and natural antioxidant, and the Coenzyme Q10, which promises to push your skin’s collagen producing power into high gear. Both come packaged in vials, in powder form, ready for mixing.

RealSelf “Lady who Links,” GirlPaint also raves about Skin Actives, rating the line one of her best picks at the end of last year.

Using Skin Actives is kind of like cooking a meal at home as opposed to eating out. You know exactly what you’re getting when you create it yourself. And like dining in, you save money as well.