Sally Hansen Line Freeze for Lips leaves mine a bit....freeze-dried!

Beauty Cred on 14 Apr 2008 at 10:57am

I'm a pretty big fan of all things GABA. Anything that touts "instant" reduction of visible lines on my face--and actually works!--gets my wallet out. So there I was face-to-face with that orange Sally Hansen shelf display of targeted skin treatments when one in particular stuck out to me. Sally Hansen Line Freeze for Lips.

With high hopes, I found the Sally Hansen Line Freeze for Lips all snug in its packaging. The photo at right will give you a sense of size impression vs. a flash drive. Yup, it's pretty tiny. And speaking of impressions, here's my first impression...

Sally Hansen Line Freeze for Lips has a pretty standard GABA-product feel to it. All GABA formulas typically have a richer creamy feel vs. the density of a lotion, and they have a slight tacky-ness to them for an instant as you rub them in. They usually don't feel tacky once on though. The same is true for Sally Hansen Line Freeze for Lips. And it's scent is really non-existent.

But once I have Sally Hansen Line Freeze for Lips on, I notice something instantly--my lips feel dry! It's not really a pleasant feeling. I definitely need a lip balm or moisturizer over Line Freeze if I'm going to consider using it. And I'm so pre-occupied with the dryness I don't even care whether there's any improvement to my lip lines (which I don't really see any).

Another interesting thing about it is that after about 20 minutes of wear without a moisturizer over it, my lips get little white dry areas--the only way to describe it is if you'd watch sidewalk dry after it's been treated with salt to de-ice it in the winter--you see a dry white outline from the salt residue. That's what my lips look like. Charming.

I'm generally a fan of Sally Hansen products--they're reasonable and they work. But this needs to go back to the lab for some re-working.

QUICK TAKE: Sally Hansen Line Freeze for Lips left my lips feeling and looking dry. It definitely needs a moisturizer over it. And the amount of product you get rivals what I see in my daughter's play makeup sets. Handling the package is for the nimble-handed only.