Q&A of the Day: How much does Latisse cost?

Will-Lee on 30 Jun 2009 at 11:57am

In today's Q&A of the day, RealSelf user Miss Yates is looking for the answer to a question a lot of our community has been asking:

What's it going to cost me to get longer lashes with Latisse?

As Miss Yates found out, over 30 of our MDs chimed in, and the general consensus is that it's about $120 for a 60-day supply (at least that's what Allergan is suggesting).

Dr. Eric Joseph in West Orange, NJ says he's using a slightly different treatment regimen, so a $120 bottle will last you four months. And SF plastic surgeon Corey Maas, MD is offering it at cost -- $92 for a bottle. And the range (for various amounts) can veer between $72 and $150.

Wherever you get it, watch out for possible side effect that have been reported, as Dr. Arnold Oppenheim points out, including patients "having their blue eyes turn brown."

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