Faulty PIP Implants Lead to Large-Scale Review in UK

K. Mathews on 9 Sep 2012 at 9:00am


The PIP breast implant fiasco that has taken Europe by storm may have some positive consequences: stricter and safer plastic surgery regulations throughout the United Kingdom.

After the defective PIP implants (compared above, on the left, to a standard implant) were discovered to burst at higher rates than other implants, doctors recommended having them removed from all patients. Nearly 50,000 women in Great Britain are believed to have received PIP implants, and some of them like Flashgirl and Lisalou have shared their breast implant removal within the RealSelf forums.

Just removing the implants is not enough though, argues Bruce Keogh, the National Health Service Medical Director. Keogh, who will oversee new regulations on plastic surgery. The review and subsequent changes will pertain to not just breast augmentations, but liposuction, nose jobs, and other surgeries, as well. Beyond safety procedures, British authorities will also look at the advertising campaigns used by cosmetic enhancement.

RealSelf has reported on the ongoing PIP saga throughout the year:

This latest headline, however, finally indicates some positive change may come out of what has clearly been a traumatic incident for thousands of women.