Megan Fox Has Wonky Thumbs, and Other Beauty and Skincare News

Will-Lee on 3 Jul 2009 at 8:35am

A highly patriotic edition of RealSelf's roundup of the latest news in the trades and papers.

1. Megan Fox has freaky thumbs and Drew Barrymore hates her acne

Everyone's talking about Megan Fox's thumbs -- again, with that idiotic Transformers flick out. (The short-thumb condition is called brachydactyly.) But A-Line also runs down a whole litany of celebs and their "imperfections" (heavy air-quotes): Kate Hudson's modest decolletage, Shannen Doherty's "crooked face," Kim Kardashian's cellulite, and Christina Applegate's short legs. And you're welcome for the Fox shot. [A-Line]

2. Shocker: Americans getting fatter than ever.

A big new study tells us what any trip to the mall food court will tell you quickly: Americans are fat. Adult obesity went up in 23 states in the past year, and more worryingly, there are 30 states in which almost a third of the kids are obese, too. [LATimes]

3. Vicodin and Percocet: Like "putting poison in a candy."

Time takes a look at what might happen if the FDA bans painkillers Vicodin and Percocet. One likely outcome, as we've been told by our docs: You'll just get the narcotics (hydrocodone and oxycodone) without the acetaminophen, which is causing liver damage. A liver specialist who recommended the ban likens the world's most popular painkillers to "putting poison in a candy." [Time]

4. Dept. of It's About Time: Uganda to outlaw female circumcision.

After long last, Uganda will pass a law banning female circumcision, which is still common amongst pastorialist tribes there, says the president. The UN had passed a resolution last year (yeah, just last year) condemning the practice. [AFP]