Age Intervention Enlighten by Jan Marini launches

Beauty Cred on 7 May 2008 at 11:17am

A PR contact for Jan Marini sent out the news. This from the official release:

San Jose, CA – Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc. today introduced Age Intervention Enlighten, a remarkable new composition that brightens and encourages the uniform appearance of facial discoloration — even stubborn hyperpigmentation.  

“Women often associate fine lines and wrinkles with aging but discoloration is an even more visual sign of the aging process,” explains Jan Marini, president and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research.  “Age Intervention Enlighten is an exceptional brightening technology with de-aging agents that result in refined, rejuvenated and illuminated skin.

Uneven skin tones and discoloration can age the look of facial skin just as dramatically as lines and wrinkles. Overly pigmented facial areas that may occur due to melasma, cumulative sun exposure and ethnicity are some of the most common and difficult to concerns to treat.

Enlighten contains a combination of two exceptional topical agents that address the appearance of facial discoloration. Enlighten also includes Retinol, a superior retinoid that discourages the production of excess melanin and assists in resolving the appearance of existing facial discoloration. The Retinol also acts as a potent anti-aging tool that provides a more refined, resurfaced and illuminated facial texture.

I haven't tried Jan Marini Age Intervention Enlighten yet, but love the idea of being able to target "even stubborn hyperpigmentation". I'm sure this will be a "hot topic" product on the forum for melasma, too. Don't know if Cher will use it--but she's on the Jan Marini site touting the brand.

Let us know if you've tried Jan Marini Age Intervention Enlighten--tell us what you think!