Is There Value To Cosmetic Enhancements When Job Hunting?

Anonymous_1 on 2 Nov 2012 at 9:00am

Resume writers, career counselors and recruiters -- all of these service providers offer valuable support in a job quest. But what about a plastic surgeon? Is it worth the investment to consider cosmetic procedures to enhance your odds of getting a job?  

It’s of utmost importance to prepare for the job hunt with smart research on companies and education on industry trends. However, some people’s confidence in interview situations can be heightened by enhancements to their physical appearance.  

If you’re considering cosmetic procedures to boost your marketability, here are five common appearance hang-ups that can impact the first impression you make, and tips on how to put your best face forward:

1. Smile Your Way to a Job

Your smile is the first thing an interviewer sees. If you're uncomfortable with less than perfect teeth, it can affect your confidence and ability to make a great impression. One way to put your best face forward is a professional teeth whitening procedure, which typically costs around $300.

2. Clear Skin for a Clear Future

For those just starting out in a career and pursuing entry-level positions, a face free of acne could project maturity. Those who struggle with their skin and are tired of masking spots with makeup can consider Accutane, an oral acne treatment administered by dermatologists. More importantly, it can swiftly transport an acne sufferer from feeling like a teen with a breakout to a confident professional.  

3. Erasing Age

Age discrimination is illegal; however, it doesn’t stop prospective employers from sizing you up at a glance and passing judgment. For those returning to the workplace, a bit of filler that smoothes out the years could help focus an interview away from guesses as to your age, and more on what you can bring to the team. Take years off your face – and your age – by considering injectable fillers such as Restylane, which can be used to enhance lips, and remove unwanted lines and wrinkles.  

4. The Eyes Have It

In an interview situation, it’s important to make good eye contact to establish honesty. While glasses make a person appear smart, eye corrective surgery like LASIK takes away the glare of glasses while correcting eyesight. Of the patients on RealSelf who underwent this procedure, 82% said it was Worth It. At an average cost of $3,425, this is a pricier investment in a career search, but also brings benefits beyond the job search. If you are a fitness or sports professional, this is a surgery that will definitely change your life.

5. The Nose Knows

If you’re in an appearance-based line of work, such as politics, broadcasting, customer service or sales, do the advantages of plastic surgery outweigh the investment?  If it has a bump, or it’s been broken, or you simply can’t breathe well, it could boost your confidence to get rhinoplasty. Consider that 81% of the people who reviewed this procedure on RealSelf said it was Worth It. Then consider the accompanying price tag -- $6,000.Of course, if your surgery is medically necessary, you can always pursue insurance reimbursement.  

Before undertaking any cosmetic treatment, it’s wise to consult with a board-certified medical professional to discuss risks, outcomes, costs and other relevant concerns for job seekers, such as bruising, scarring and how long the recovery process might take.  

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